So You Want to be a Voiceover Professional? Be Armed!

By Vicki Amorose,

Many times, I've been contacted by people who find my voiceover profile and ask me how they can get started in voiceover. I'm not sure why this happens, since I'm not one of the online sources for free "Get Started' information, or a VO coach.

I guess my brand is friendly! (Oh that's right, I am Voice + Smile)

So I came up with an easy acronym to help answer the question. Want to be a voiceover professional? Be ARMED.

A: Acting/Auditioning

R: Recording

M: Marketing/ Management

E: Education

D: Dedication

A: You must have some acting or improvisation skills. Period. You will need to find sources for auditions, and audition well.

R: You must record yourself, because how else are you going to audition? The better your recording set-up, the more value you offer to clients.

M: How will clients find you? You must market yourself, because you have lots of competition. Your demo is your primary marketing tool. Managing your business includes client relations, image or branding, billing, and record keeping.

E: Take workshops, read books, study acting. Spend 3 months on the Internet reading everything you can find on voiceover. Listen to 50 demos.

D: It takes years to build a client base and to build your skills. Although voiceover is a business, it is also an artistic pursuit. Success in voiceover requires sustained ambition: you are driven by something internal, not simply by external reward.

Rearrange the letters of ARMED, and it also spells DREAM.

So that's my quick and concise advice for those wanting to enter the field of voiceover: Have the DREAM? Be ARMED.

I hope this helps to answer the question!

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